4 Guidelines To Maintain Health And Happiness

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Dogs are considered to be much similar to humans. It’s true in more than one ways. For example, an inactive lifestyle is as bad for dogs as it is for humans. Exercise has the power to keep away diseases and ailments and make your dog look and feel great. The fact is that, exercising your dog is so essential that RSPCA Australia recommended laws requiring dog parents to exercise their dogs every day. And just like there are correct and incorrect ways for humans to exercise, it’s true for dogs too. Vet experts, suggest here a proper exercise and get effective puppy vaccinations at Gordon Vet Hospitalplan for your dog that will ensure his long, healthy and happy life.


Again a common factor between dogs and humans is that walking is the best exercise for both of them. You and your dog can easily do it, it requires no special equipment and you enjoy it. As reported in 2008 by the Health Promotion Journal of Australia, families having dogs had just half the risk of juvenile obesity in comparison to families having no dogs.

Another research done by the University of Western Australia scholars found that 70 of dog parents receive minimum 150 minutes of exercise per week, whereas only 40 of non-dog-parents receive an equivalent amount of exercise. To get the optimum benefit, both the pet and the parent should go walking at least for 30 minutes daily, so that if you feel lazy, your dog will push you to move out.


Dogs have a natural ability to swim. However, your dog may not like to swim as some dogs are scared of water. If your dog loves swimming, that’s great news as it’s a fantastic form of exercise. It offers excellent aerobic conditioning, but with no stress like that given by running. Swimming is especially advantageous for senior dogs with arthritis.

However, keep a watch on where your dog swims, because ponds or lakes may have a lot of algae or dead fish floating which may consist of bacteria that may harm your dog (and even you). You should also beware of chlorinated pools, because chlorine may irritate your dog’s skin. A thorough rinse with a hose is a solution to this problem.

Interactive Activities

A fact that may not be true for both dogs and humans is that dogs love any type of exercise. However, if it involves his dearest friend (and that’s you), it becomes super special.

Activities like fetching a Frisbee or a ball benefits your dog by offering great fun as well as exercise. And of course, this is a quality time spent together strengthening the bond between you two.

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Correct Amount of Exercise

Everything is bad if done too much which is true for dogs too as it is for humans. So, too much exercise is bad. But too little of it is bad as well. How to know that your dog is getting just the right amount of exercise? Here are some indicators:

Too Much

  • Your dog lags behind while exercising or suddenly stops and lie down
  • Shortness of breath or excessive panting or wheezing
  • Agitation or distress
  • Signs of lameness

Too Little

  • Pudginess
  • Hyperactivity like excessive chewing, barking and digging

On an average, 1 to 2 hours of exercise per day is right for most dogs. There are variables like age, breed and overall health that should be considered while designing an exercise plan for the particular needs of your dog.

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